Best Control Center Tweaks iOS 10 Without Cydia

iOS 10 Control Center customization…

The control center is trump card for Apple regarding newly released iOS 10. Cydia users always search and love control center customization tweaks and if Apple brings Control Center Cydia tweaks like customize operating system, it would be great start for new firmware.

So, Apple has introduced their new firmware update as beta with tons of features and according to security researcher, it would have fresh content to put their research on new track. This means new chances for jailbreak iOS 10.

Anyways, today I won’t talk about jailbreak 10 anymore. Today is the day when I’ve tried iOS 1o and found that it has some hidden features related to Lock Screen, Control Center and Notification center that would fall you in love with iOS 10.

I think this is great start for the age without Cydia iOS 10. What you need better than self customized control center and lock screen without jailbreak and Cydia at all?

These days are really very important for Apple. The last stage of iOS 9 is coming with iOS 10 and then iOS 10 would come with iPhone 7. The new ERA is about to begun.

Yeah, you can actually hide couple of sections, elements and items from iOS 10 control center and now it’s possible to remove stock apps too which is additional plus point.

I found that we can add Lock Screen Widget iOS 10 supported. It means you’ve complete firmware that has all the features and fastest firmware comparing to previous.

I’m in love with iOS 10 control center, are you too?

3 thoughts on “Best Control Center Tweaks iOS 10 Without Cydia

  1. This is really great news for all the users who hate jailbreak specially without the days of Cydia. You should understand that Cydia is not just about to customize your control center, lock screen and notification center but it’s complete tool to decorate your iOS.

    Using Cydia, you’d have many great options and features which default firmware won’t give you ever. I again recommend you to learn about jailbreaking. You’d never think about iOS 10 without jailbreak.


    • I’m sure you’re the core user of Cydia and missing iOS 10 jailbreak. I’m also in the same category, but believe me that Cydia iOS 10 is not possible at the moment. And, we should happy with iOS 10 customized control center at this moment.

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