5 Best Jailbreak Hacks iOS 11.1.2 for iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air iOS 11.1.2 2015

Here are the best Cydia Hacks for iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone that can be installed and used on iOS 11.1.2 software update. The most awaited and useful jailbreak hacks out there on whole community…

Since iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak has been released, a lot of new Cydia hacks updated for the new firmware. It includes game hacks, status bar hacks, lockscreen hack, dock bar hack and many others. First, we will see game hacks…

iAPFree iOS 11.1.2: Do you wanna Cydia game hacks? iAPFree is the best working app that offers many game support to crack their initial stages and levels that can be purchased too. The bad part is, most of the games plugins are outdated and when we gonna update the database, it shows maintenance error.

iAP Cracker iOS 11.1.2: Its available on BYA (Bite Your Apple Repo Source) for free. It is the best jailbreak app to hack in-app purchases for free. But, many iPad, iPhone users have reported compatibility issues in iOS 11.1.2. It works just fine on iOS 6 and older firmwares. It has the best game hacks.

LocaliAPStore: Another top in-app purchase cracker, but its working with many games and jailbreak has no limitation. Many users have reported that it works just fine over iOS 11.1.2 too.

Jailbreak App Hacks

Now, take a look at hacks that change the look of your iOS 11.1.2…

MyStatusBar: It is the best Cydia hack for Status bar. You can control all the icons and items that you wanna show or hide. You can add weather, date and time or hide any useless items from your iOS 11.1.2 status bar with this hack. Its free and available on ModMyi Repo Source.

Springtomize iOS 11.1.2: Do you wanna customize the look? Springtomize 9 is the jailbreak app that can change dock style and you can add even more items to the dock. Do you wanna customize your dock with your own games and apps? You can add it too. Much more settings and customization.

Quick Review

Springtomize is the best to hack iOS 11.1.2 design and look, many users prefer that jailbreak app, while above three Cydia apps are the best for game hacks.