How to Get In App Purchases on Android or iOS using Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher for iOS, Android – Download it…

In App Purchases whether it’s paid or free are very famous among iOS and Android users. It’s really difficult who introduced these in app purchases first for iOS or Android.

However, both the OS platform have these in app purchases and the same time various jailbreak and Root applications available to make them free.

Like Lucky Patcher iOS and Android app available for both firmware devices. iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Samsung Galaxy, CoolPad, Xiaomi, LG, HTC and Google devices have either iOS or Android OS.

Lucky Patcher can be used for all of these devices listed above. But at the end, you need either Root or jailbreak based on your device in order to get some free in app purchases.

If you’re searching the best in app purchases Cydia tweaks, then just remember that Lucky patcher is not one of them, it can be used with caution because the older version sometimes won’t work on newer firmware update without jailbreak iOS iPhone.

Just like Apple iOS platform, you can found the same style Lucky Patcher in app purchases in Android too. But, it would handle all of those sort of things differently on Android device such as on Samsung Galaxy and other smartphone.

Lucky Patcher for Android is too popular and the apk file is available for download on many website that doesn’t need your Google Play Store ID to install on your smartphone. While you can download this tweak for iOS from Cydia or without jailbreak from the developer website.

To be frank, we also want to try Lucky Patcher iOS tweak, but because we’re testing LocaliAPStore, iAP Cracker with the combination of AppSync, it’s impossible to try all of the same Cydia hacks together for free in app purchases.

If you wanna try Lucky Patcher alternatives, there are bunch of alternatives available for it but none of the competitor available for Android smartphone to get free in app purchases better than LuckyPatcher.

You can easily install iAPFree and iAPCrazy on iPhone to get free in app purchases while the same thing can be really tricky on Android or even on iOS without jailbreak because most of these hacks available for either jailbreak or Root devices.

Important Note About Lucky Patcher

If you’re installing this tweak for Pokemon Go hacks, you should search better tweak because Lucky Patcher is not developed such way. As we know the base, we can say you can install free in app purchases, that’s it.

You may get disabled on Pokemon Go if you’d do tricks. So, better than that, you can genuinely play the game and win the bonuses.

Try installing the best jailbreak apps, if you want to get best iPhone features…

How to Play YouTube Videos Background on iOS 10

How to play your favorite YouTube video in the background on iPhone or iPad…

You can found huge number of users who listen YouTube videos just as songs and don’t wanna watch. Actually, they use YouTube videos as music songs and thus they don’t watch while drive car or working on their dashboard.

iPhone and iPad is really a handy device for playing YouTube videos in the background while working or driving car and you can consider one of the most customized operating system for iPhone and it’s iOS 10.

YouTube is officially out for iOS 10 for iPhone which has many great features such as offline download YouTube videos, scheduling for download favorite YouTube videos and many things which can be schedule for the app to download in the background.

Then how to play videos from YouTube in background running iOS 10 on iPhone or iPad without jailbreak or without Cydia tweaks? It’s really a great question because officially there isn’t any feature on Google YouTube app that offers background Video playing on iPhone.

Yeah, if you play YouTube videos using Safari browser online, you can play those videos in the background on your iPhone running any iOS whether it’s iOS 10 or previous firmware update.

How to Play YouTube videos in Background on iPhone for iOS 10

To use this simple trick, you must have iPhone or iPad running latest iOS 10 or iOS 9 firmware operating system and must use Safari web browser for best possible working trick.

  1. Swipe up your control center on iPhone and enable WiFi or Internet connection.
  2. Open Safari after connecting to working Internet connection and go to
  3. Now, you want to play YouTube video of you choice that you wanna play on background.
  4. The trick starts here, press Home Button which probably stops YouTube video playing on Safari.
  5. Swipe up again from bottom to middle of the screen to access control center and there would be option to continue playing that particular YouTube video in the background which is continue on Safari.
  6. Just tap on that YouTube video and it would be start playing in background on your iPhone or iPad.

Note: Don’t quit from Safari browser because if you’d close Safari app, the YouTube video which is playing in the background would be stopped.

We’ve tried Google Chrome and FireFox to play YouTube videos in background, but on these browsers YouTube videos won’t play in background. To get this trick working, you must use Safari web browser without making any mistake in above steps.

If you still having any issues while playing videos in background as YouTube songs, you can comment below…

GBA Emulator Updated to iOS 10 for iPhone, iPad

GBA4iOS 10 update released for iPhone, iPad…

If you run any game emulator on your iPhone or iPad, GBA4iOS is one of the top in the list of iPhone game emulator these days. No doubt, It’s one of the most downloaded and popular jailbreak game emulator for any device that have Cydia pre installed.

Users can easily download GBA4iOS without jailbreak too. But, it seems couple of issues on non jailbreak device and thus GBA4iOS not working quite well on the device which are not jailbroken. However, you can fix it too and there won’t be any issue after that.

We’ve tried to help you regarding GBA4iOS in the past also with the tutorial that helped a lot of users to get on various games using iEmulators, Emu4iOS and of course this Game Boy Emulator for iOS. This is another try to help you with the new update called GBA4iOS 10.

Previous GBA4iOS 10 is quite out dated and couple of users have reported that Pokemon go not working on this out dated version of Game Boy Emulator on iPhone and iPad.

Today, we’d provide you both ways to install GBA4iOS on your device whether the device is jailbroken or you don’t have Cydia because the non jailbreak version is updated to iOS 10 which is quite interesting update and have fixed couple of things to run new Cool Rom available for Pokemon Go and other games as well for iPhone.

If you run custom Roms and Cool Roms with GBA4iOS quite often, you know what I’m talking about so if you’re on iPhone that has Cydia app, it’s good and if you’re upgraded to iOS 10 that’s great. You just need to follow this article in order to download and install GBA iOS 10 on your iPod touch, iPad or iPhone.

There are couple of simple and tricky steps available that can make it possible to install GBA4iOS 10 to run without any issue and you can run your favorite cool roms or any custom GBA roms available on the web with the app.

Follow below steps…

  • While using on iPhone, you should use Safari browser which works best to install GBA4iOS without any issue.
  • You want to access download section at where you’d see couple of instruction available to install Game Boy Advance Emulator for your iPhone.
  • Suppose, you don’t see any instruction, change date back to 2010 so that you won’t face any error while loading GBA4iOS website.
  • There would be download option that would install GBA Emulator once, it’s downloaded completely.
  • You must trust the developer from settings app in order to make GBA4iOS work properly.


Suppose, GBA4iOS not working running iOS 10 on your iPhone or iPad because it’s not jailbroken firmware, you can search our blog how to fix it. You can also make a comment in the below form and we’d be available for you to help online.

GBA4iOS 10 supports all the cool roms including one for Pokemon Go and MineCraft, so you won’t find any issues related to connectivity and support.

How to Get Free In App Purchases Cydia Tweaks iOS 10

Free in purchases using Cydia tweaks for iPhone…

I just love free in app purchases. I always search the Apple App Store for some apps that give me free in app purchases even thought they’re completely different from my interest.

It’s my craziness. Anyway, there are certain top level iPhone apps available which allows user to install free in app purchases, but in deep stage, you need to purchase them by paying some money.

In other hand, jailbreak users have found a way that give them free in app purchases which are paid on App Store. This can be down using some Cydia hacks which are available for free on jailbreak app store.

iAP Cracker: It’s Cydia tweak which is known as in app purchase cracker. If you’d install it with AppSync, you can install free in app purchases. But, it seems like iAPCracker stopped working because there is no update to jailbreak and Cydia hacks.

Recent days, AppVV released vShare Pro which is built with unique style which allows user to install paid apps with free in app purchases completely free.

Mojo Installer is also similar kind app launcher which installs free Cydia apps without jailbreak. But, it’s not clear that we can get free in app purchases or not using Mojo.

But yeah, you can use LocaliAPStore which is famous in app purchase cracker and contains proof to have ability to install free in app purchases.

If you need any specially game free in app purchases, please leave comments so that we can help you suggesting the best app according to your need…

Download GBA4iOS: iPhone Game Boy Advance Emulator for iPad too on iOS 10

GBA4iOS iOS 10: The Game Boy Advance Emulator for iPad, iPhone

I’m feeling wonder that some jailbreak apps have really started to play on iPhone and iPad without Cydia. Yeah, I’m talking about GBA4iOS which is known as Game Boy Advance Emulator.

GBA iPhone emulator is one of the best game emulator in terms of Roms and availability for every firmware. Now when we’ve iOS 10 and iOS 10 is really near to be release, this is really good news.

NDS4iOS, GBA4iOS and some other emulator specially Emu4iOS is really a great hope for the users who are eagerly waiting for the upcoming iOS 10 jailbreak because their hope should be live.

Anyway, Game Boy Advance iPhone emulator has some cool Roms and we should enjoy it. We’ve another great news. You won’t need to apply any Date trick in order to try GBA4iOS on your iOS 10 device or jailbreak iOS 10.

Yeah, a new Jailbreak alternative came in whole community which is known as Mojo Installer. It’s capable to install any jailbreak app without Cydia. And luckily, GBA4iOS is one of those lucky apps.

How to Download GBA4iOS iOS 10

So, I mentioned about Mojo Installer iOS 10 and it’s the app which can allow you to install your favorite game emulator on your iPhone or iPad. But, I won’t depress Android users, Android user can download GBA4iOS from Google Play Store.

Follow some really excited steps that you’d never found anywhere else…

  1. You need first to download Mojo iOS 10 installer. Their official website is live which can be helpful to install GBA4iOS without jailbreak. Head to it.
  2. Now, when the page completely loaded up, you need to register yourself on Mojo Installer website. And, download GBA4iOS for free.
  3. Install it and you must restart your iPad or iPhone before playing.

Note: Roms are completely different things and it requires to install separately and you won’t get GBA4iOS Roms from the same Mojo Installer.

If you need help, you can ask us via comments…