Downgrade to iOS 9.3.3 from iOS 10, Apple Still Allows Restore to iOS 9.3.3

How to Downgrade iOS 10 to iOS 9.3.3…

Immediately after Apple pushed IOS 10, thousands of users and developers have upgraded their iPhone and iPad to iOS 10 and this is something very genuine because new firmware always attract user’s attention.

However, users should keep it in mind that the new firmware brings new vulnerable softwares, buggy applications and bunch of those security issues. Along with the security, you would notice a lot of bugs and glitch between using iOS 10 and you may want to downgrade iOS 10.

Now, if you’ve wish to downgrade iOS 10, there are various options available such as you can downgrade to iOS 9.3.3 as well as iOS 10. Yeah, Apple is still signing iOS 10 so it means you can downgrade to iOS 10 if you don’t like iOS 10 at all.

First of all you should think why you should downgrade iOS 10 and revert back to iOS 9.3.3. Reasons may be…

  • The first possible reason may be jailbreak. Because PanGu is gonna attend USA Security Conference and a short presentation is arranged their from PanGu and it’s expected that PanGu would release iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak and you’re thinking to downgrade iOS 10 to iOS 9.3.3 just because that, then I want to mention here that there is no guarantee that PanGu would release iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak.
  • Second, if you want to downgrade iOS 10 just because it’s buggy, look those bugs would be fixed in upcoming beta version so, don’t be hurry for downgrade to iOS 9.3.3 at this stage.
  • But, if you are using official device or the device which you use daily in your official way, you should definitely downgrade iOS 10 and make sure that you never install any beta or unstable firmware to your device. I won’t stop you from downgrade iOS 10 here.

Anyway, if you’ve decided to go back, who we are to stop you. You can easily downgrade iOS 10 whatever version you’ve dreamed for. There are couple of things which you need to understand and ready to get. I’ve mentioned almost everything here to help you downgrade iOS 10 to iOS 9.3.3 or any older firmware which is eligible to restore from iOS 10.

Keep note of below things…

  1. Downgrade to iOS 9.3.3 would require you to have USB Data Cable to connect your device from MacOS or Windows to your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Second thing is, you need iOS 9.3.3 IPSW file. Suppose here you want to downgrade iOS 10 to iOS 10, you’d need iOS 10 IPSW file in general.
  3. Please make sure that your Mac OS X El Capitan, MacOS Sierra or Windows computer have iTunes installed, because it’s the way to downgrade iOS 10.
  4. You must know how to put iPhone into DFU mode or Recovery Mode in order to downgrade iOS 10 to iOS 9.3.3.

That’s it.

How to Downgrade iOS 10 to iOS 9.3.3

So, it’s clear that you would downgrade iOS 10 back to iOS 9.3.3, okay. Follow some easy steps given below…

  1. First step is first. Take a backup of your current operating system. Note that if anything goes wrong, you’d need backup to go back and restore. So, just prepare iOS 10 backup before downgrade it.
  2. Download iOS 9.3.3 IPSW and put it on your desktop to access it easily. You’d need iOS 9.3.3 IPSW file in the process of downgrade iOS 10 to iOS 9.3.3.
  3. Connect your iPhone to iTunes and follow the commands.
  4. If you’ve Mac which is most common computer, then you want to press OPTION+ and Restore iPhone link. But, if you’ve Windows then you want to press Shift+ Restore button.
  5. Choose iOS 9.3.3 IPSW file and you’re done.

Once you choose iOS 9.3.3 IPSW file during the process of downgrade iOS 10, you’d be easily downgrade to iOS 9.3.3.

Note: It may be possible that you failed to downgrade iOS 10 that way, if such situation occurs, you’d require to follow recovery mode steps to downgrade iOS 10 to iOS 9.3.3.

In any matter or situation you need help, please ask for help via commenting below. Each and every comment would be replied within few minutes.

How to Restore iOS 9.0.2 – iOS 9.0.1 from iOS 9.1

Suppose, you have upgraded to iOS 9.3.3 beta and don’t wanna continue beta testing due to bugs or application error, you can restore iOS iOS 9.3.3 back from iOS 9.1…

Both iOS 9.3.3 and Yosemite are VERY buggy right now, even more than iOS 9.3.3 and Maverick’s first betas. Unless you’re a developer or have a secondary device that you can use, I’d say stay away for a while unless you want to deal with crashes, app incompatibility and a slew of other problems. Even more so if you depend on your machine to do work.

How to Restore iOS 8.4 and Jailbreak it

Actually, True iOS 9.3.3 beta 1 is buggy; but certainly not “VERY.. , even more than iOS 9.1..” A fairer comparison would be to the third or fourth iteration of iOS 9.3.3 betas. Other than a few glitches here and there, with a fresh install of iOS 9.3.3 beta, most of the apps (about 80) that I have installed on my 5S are running. Surprisingly battery life seems to be better, too.

But, I would still say that iOS 9.3.3 is very buggy. I should caveat that it’s VERY buggy if you’re not on a 64-bit device. I’ve seen a lot more bugs and lags (such as transition animations) on 32-bit devices, which leaves me to wonder if this hasn’t been optimized for older devices yet.

How to Downgrade iOS 9.3.3 to iOS iOS 8.4

I would also recommend users to restore iOS iOS 9.3.3 from iOS 9.3.3 as fast as they can. I agree that you shouldn’t *upgrade* to Yosemite right now. However, macs have an option that iOS devices do not — partitioning. There’s little reason not to create a boot-camp-like Yosemite testing partition, if you’re interested in testing it.

If you wanna restore iOS 9.3.3 from iOS 9.1, we have already restore iOS iOS 9.3.3 from iOS 9.3.3 beta and shared exact steps for your help with dedicated article on restore iOS iOS 9.1

How to Downgrade iOS 9.3.3 and Restore iOS 9.0.2 Using iFaith or TinyUmbrella

If you have upgraded to the latest iOS firmware that has been pushed out by Apple, most probably, you would know how to downgrade iOS 9.1 and restore iOS 8.4. Now, Downgrade iOS 9.3.3 to 8.4 with these tweaks. You have to follow each and every steps carefully to restore iOS 8.4 back from iOS 9.1…

iOS 9.1 has been pushed out by Apple and it’s really worth to upgrade to the latest firmware that’s giving the best performance and lightning fast iOS to your iPad Mini, iPad Air or iPhone. But, the major concern is, iOS 9.1 Jailbreak.

Most of the jailbreak iOS 9.1 vulnerabilities are patched by Apple. That is being said that Evad3rs team are looking for iOS 9.0.2 jailbreak and not for iOS 9.1 jailbreak. In this case, it would be really risky to upgrade to iOS 9.1, if you don’t wanna lose your iOS 9.1 jailbreak.

iOS 9.3.3 Release Date, Features

How to Install iOS 9.3.3 Without UDID or Developer Account

The best thing would be, you should not update your iOS 9.1 to iOS 9.0.2. I’m suggesting with the concern of iOS 9.1 jailbreak issues. But, you don’t bother about iOS 9.1 jailbreak, then you can upgrade your iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPhone any time, you want.

Update: We are gonna post an updated tutorial with the step by step procedure to downgrade iOS 9.1 to 9.0.2 using DoulCi

Suppose, you have already upgraded to iOS 9.1 jailbreak to iOS 9.0.2 and now couldn’t jailbreak iOS 9.1 and wanna downgrade iOS 9.1 to restore iOS 9.0.2 or iOS iOS 9.1, you can. Actually, Cydia Sources, the popular Cydia blog, has posted a detailed step by step tutorial to downgrade iOS 9.1 and restore iOS 9.0.2 that can be jailbreak using TaiG 7.

How to Downgrade iOS 9.3.3 to iOS 9.0.2

As per Cydia Sources, the iOS 9.1 can be downgraded to iOS 9.1 and 9.0.2. Most of the readers of the blog, have already downgraded iOS 9.1 to iOS 9.0.2 and iOS iOS 9.1 successfully and commented with the errors which they have fixed during downgrade procedure.

Suppose, you have followed the tutorial and unable to restore iOS 9.0.2, you can get the fix of errors like error 37 by leaving comments…

How to Downgrade to iOS 9.0.2 from iOS 9.3.3 For My iPhone 6, iPad Air, iPad Mini

The iPhone 5S, iPad Air, iPad Mini users who were forced to upgrade iOS iOS 9.1, are looking to downgrade to iOS 9.0.2, 9.0.2 and 6.1.3 and jailbreak it…

We have previously posted a tutorial on Downgrade iOS iOS 9.3.3 to 6.1.3, 9.0.2, 9.0.2 using iPhone 4 and further iDevices. Actually, iFaith that helps to downgrade to iOS 9.1, doesn’t support iOS 9.1, 9.0.2 or 7.0.3. However, current release of iFaith is something close than earlier.

Now the question is, Can we downgrade to iOS 9.1, 9.0.2 or 6.1.3 using our iPhone, iPad Air or iPad Mini? Actually, many iDevices users have reported that they can successfully downgraded to 9.0.2, 9.0.2 or 6.1.3, but most of them are iPhone 4 users. Rarely iPhone 4S users have reported that they can also downgrade to 9.0.2 or 9.0.2 too.

iFaith Allows Downgrade iOS 9.1

Now, that’s a clear message that iPhone 5S, iPad Air, iPad Mini users are not able to downgrade to 9.0.2, but why as iPhone 4 users can downgrade to 9.0.2 and lower firmware? Because iPhone 4 is A4 iDevice and iPhone 5S, iPad Air, iPad Mini are A5, A6 and A7 iDevices.

But surprisingly, there are couple of users who have commented that they have downgraded iOS iOS 9.3.3 to iOS 8.4 using iPhone 5S, iPad Air and iPad Mini too. Are you one of them? Leave your comment…

iFaith Allows Downgrade iOS 9.2 to 9.0.2, 9.0.1 [Restore iOS 9.0.2 IPSW for iPhone]

iFaith is available for download. It is only the tool that can downgrade iOS iOS 9.2 to iOS 9.0.2. Readers have confirmed successfully downgrading iPhone 4S to 9.0.2 from iOS 9.2…

iFaith is the tool that extract SHSH blobs of your iOS firmware directly from your iDevice whether it is iPhone 6S, iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPod Touch. Its completely different from TinyUmbrella that fetches SHSH blobs from Apple’s server. If you’re looking to downgrade iOS iOS 9.2 to iOS 9.0.2, then you need iFaith and not TinyUmbrella, because Apple won’t allows TinyUmbrella to fetch SHSH blobs anymore.

Anyways, there has been an update to the iFaith iOS 9, the latest version is iFaith iOS 9.2 with the latest fix and major bugs have been fixed now. Download the latest version of iFaith and install in on your Windows or MAC OS to restore iOS 9.0.2 from iOS 9.2.

There are many users on this blog who have confirmed that they have downgraded iOS iOS 9.2 to 9.0.2 using iFaith. The detailed procedure can be find on Cydia Sources and Downgrade iOS iOS 9.2 link.

If you have any issues in downloading or using iFaith, you can get the working solution by commenting here…