GBA Emulator Updated to iOS 11.1.2 for iPhone, iPad

GBA4iOS 11.1.2 update released for iPhone, iPad…

If you run any game emulator on your iPhone or iPad, GBA4iOS is one of the top in the list of iPhone game emulator these days. No doubt, It’s one of the most downloaded and popular jailbreak game emulator for any device that have Cydia pre installed.

Users can easily download GBA4iOS without jailbreak too. But, it seems couple of issues on non jailbreak device and thus GBA4iOS not working quite well on the device which are not jailbroken. However, you can fix it too and there won’t be any issue after that.

We’ve tried to help you regarding GBA4iOS in the past also with the tutorial that helped a lot of users to get on various games using iEmulators, Emu4iOS and of course this Game Boy Emulator for iOS. This is another try to help you with the new update called GBA4iOS 11.1.2.

Previous GBA4iOS 11.1.2 is quite out dated and couple of users have reported that Pokemon go not working on this out dated version of Game Boy Emulator on iPhone and iPad.

Today, we’d provide you both ways to install GBA4iOS on your device whether the device is jailbroken or you don’t have Cydia because the non jailbreak version is updated to iOS 11.1.2 which is quite interesting update and have fixed couple of things to run new Cool Rom available for Pokemon Go and other games as well for iPhone.

If you run custom Roms and Cool Roms with GBA4iOS quite often, you know what I’m talking about so if you’re on iPhone that has Cydia app, it’s good and if you’re upgraded to iOS 11.1.2 that’s great. You just need to follow this article in order to download and install GBA iOS 11.1.2 on your iPod touch, iPad or iPhone.

There are couple of simple and tricky steps available that can make it possible to install GBA4iOS 11.1.2 to run without any issue and you can run your favorite cool roms or any custom GBA roms available on the web with the app.

Follow below steps…

  • While using on iPhone, you should use Safari browser which works best to install GBA4iOS without any issue.
  • You want to access download section at where you’d see couple of instruction available to install Game Boy Advance Emulator for your iPhone.
  • Suppose, you don’t see any instruction, change date back to 2010 so that you won’t face any error while loading GBA4iOS website.
  • There would be download option that would install GBA Emulator once, it’s downloaded completely.
  • You must trust the developer from settings app in order to make GBA4iOS work properly.


Suppose, GBA4iOS not working running iOS 11.1.2 on your iPhone or iPad because it’s not jailbroken firmware, you can search our blog how to fix it. You can also make a comment in the below form and we’d be available for you to help online.

GBA4iOS 11.1.2 supports all the cool roms including one for Pokemon Go and MineCraft, so you won’t find any issues related to connectivity and support.