How to Downgrade iOS 9.3.3 and Restore iOS 9.0.2 Using iFaith or TinyUmbrella

If you have upgraded to the latest iOS firmware that has been pushed out by Apple, most probably, you would know how to downgrade iOS 9.1 and restore iOS 8.4. Now, Downgrade iOS 9.3.3 to 8.4 with these tweaks. You have to follow each and every steps carefully to restore iOS 8.4 back from iOS 9.1…

iOS 9.1 has been pushed out by Apple and it’s really worth to upgrade to the latest firmware that’s giving the best performance and lightning fast iOS to your iPad Mini, iPad Air or iPhone. But, the major concern is, iOS 9.1 Jailbreak.

Most of the jailbreak iOS 9.1 vulnerabilities are patched by Apple. That is being said that Evad3rs team are looking for iOS 9.0.2 jailbreak and not for iOS 9.1 jailbreak. In this case, it would be really risky to upgrade to iOS 9.1, if you don’t wanna lose your iOS 9.1 jailbreak.

iOS 9.3.3 Release Date, Features

How to Install iOS 9.3.3 Without UDID or Developer Account

The best thing would be, you should not update your iOS 9.1 to iOS 9.0.2. I’m suggesting with the concern of iOS 9.1 jailbreak issues. But, you don’t bother about iOS 9.1 jailbreak, then you can upgrade your iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPhone any time, you want.

Update: We are gonna post an updated tutorial with the step by step procedure to downgrade iOS 9.1 to 9.0.2 using DoulCi

Suppose, you have already upgraded to iOS 9.1 jailbreak to iOS 9.0.2 and now couldn’t jailbreak iOS 9.1 and wanna downgrade iOS 9.1 to restore iOS 9.0.2 or iOS iOS 9.1, you can. Actually, Cydia Sources, the popular Cydia blog, has posted a detailed step by step tutorial to downgrade iOS 9.1 and restore iOS 9.0.2 that can be jailbreak using TaiG 7.

How to Downgrade iOS 9.3.3 to iOS 9.0.2

As per Cydia Sources, the iOS 9.1 can be downgraded to iOS 9.1 and 9.0.2. Most of the readers of the blog, have already downgraded iOS 9.1 to iOS 9.0.2 and iOS iOS 9.1 successfully and commented with the errors which they have fixed during downgrade procedure.

Suppose, you have followed the tutorial and unable to restore iOS 9.0.2, you can get the fix of errors like error 37 by leaving comments…

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  1. I have an iPhone 4 running iOS 10.1 (jailbroken using Pangu) and I would like to downgrade it safely to ios 6.1.3 or anything lower. I want to do this so I can unlock it as it is locked to Orange (who stupidly charge £20 for an unlock). Has anyone got any safe methods? Thanks

  2. I went from ios6 to 10.2 and my phone has completely stopped working (just the telephone feature). I have no jailbreak now and want to get back to 6. anything. Can it be done?

  3. i have a jailbroken iphone5c running on 10.2 and i’d really like to know how to downgrade to 7.0.2 only because I like the rectangular buttons more than the circular ones. or if there is a tweak that allows you to do this then that would work too.

  4. I’ve iOS 9 beta 4 installed, now I can’t hold it more. Within a few days, I’m tiered. how to downgrade iOS 9 to 10.2?

  5. i need to know how to downgrade my iphone 4 from ios 10.2 bc its not letting me charge my phone now and its pissing me off so please tell me how to do it thanks

  6. i need to know how to downgrade my iphone 4s from ios 10.1 to ios 7.0.2 because ios 7.0.2 is the best ios 9 i install it on my iphone ios 10.1 is to bad and lagy i need help
    ( if i download ios 7.0.2 from my pc and install it with the itunes it will work or not ???)
    plz help

  7. hello somebody please help, i got this new upgrade sofftware to IOS10.2 and when i did suddenly my iphone 4 blacked out n now its asking me to connect to itunesto even go on, but when i do, it says it will delete all my stuff to upgrade and i dont want that, how can i get back to my old IOS? dont know if i am clear in my english..

  8. Fckn btchs now I cant charge iPad with my chinese cable. 10.2 shows Not charging. Help? Also why you would name it How to… when theres no How to?!

  9. I just think with all these tutorials that say “downgrade your iPhone” should be more specific in their titles as referring to iPhone 4 only. Every time I see a new one I check it in wonder only to discover that it’s exactly the same thing. I for one have a jailbroken 4S on 10 and want to unjailbreak without restoring. The reason is that I think iOS 10’s new icons and sliders (power off, call, etc.) are ugly. Anyone else agree?

      • No. It’s a new camera, faster CPU and GPU (hence that the 4S has the blurred UI like the 5+ devices), improved AntennaGate (no more iPhone deathgrip) and (someone else correct me if I’m wrong) more RAM. Also there is no 8GB 4S. Totally different motherboard and the SHSH restoration is patched so you can only do it with the 4 or older.

          • Thanks for clarifying that there is an 8GB model. Did not realize that. Also technically you cannot upgrade to a beta version of iOS without a developer account in the first place, so I see no reason in warning people. Am I the only one holding out on upgrading to 10 simply because I think it looks worse? For example, the new keyboard and the incoming call and power off sliders. I didn’t like the circular buttons (end call, etc.) at first, but I am getting used to them. I just like big rectangular controls for some reason.

  10. My Iphone 4 got stuck on apple logo, so i followed on youtube a step where you hold sleep button and home button for 10 seconds, then hold volume button, but after it worked, i lost my jailbreak, cydia is still there but the tweaks arent working at all. Then I followed this blog, telling me to do stuff,, but when i go on itunes, it is telling me for it to work, i have to upgrade, and im not sure if i should upgrade and it’ll give me 10 or 10.1

    • that is a common error. I have heard that happens a lot. sorry I don’t know how to fix it. BUT! There are a bunch of videos on youtube of how to fix that. It is such a common error that its so easy to fix now days.

  11. HI I am on 10.1 WHILE I TRIYING TO DOWNGRADE TO 10 (officiel ipsw) itunes closed and say ” itunes has stopped working ” please what is the solution?

  12. i am on 10 and i forgot my password, while restoring it asks me to update but i don’t want to update my iPhone. So can i download 10 ipsw and then restore it?
    Will it brick or not?

  13. if you have a iPhone 4S, your in luck. The iPhone 4S has a hardware exploit, making it possible to downgrade and jailbreak.

  14. The Best and Only Way :

    Connect Your IPHONE to ITUNES.

    Change the name of your iphone….

    That’s all… Wi-fi working fine.

  15. The problem is that Apple has started using an ABTicket, wich signs an approved “ticket code” for each firmware on iTunes. When the grace period for signing codes on specific firmwares ends, iTunes gives you an error. You literally can’t downgrade without Apple’s permission. If someone finds away to bypass this or makes a third-party firmware loader, please, NOTIFY ME!!! iPhone 5s iOS 10.1

  16. your tool kit is scam, stop your promotion or proof it, we would love it
    why don’t you post a video on it?

  17. Can’t we just download an earlier version of itunes and restore the 10 firmware by using that shift command?? Or does that not work anymore? I’m still on 10, I’m just looking into this for an idiot friend who upgraded..

  18. pease help …. can i downgrade my iPhone 5s iOS 10 to 10 or 10 without any error in iTunes ,,,,,, Please help Me I fed up ?

    • I don’t think, you would, because, Apple has stopped signing firmware for older versions, so you would not downgrade iPhone 5S, iPad Air or iPad Mini 2. Yeah, if you have iPHone 4, then the story is different

      • I downgraded my Ipod 2g MC model from ios 4.2.1 to ios 3.1.3 with no errors yesterday. I don’t see why you can’t. I think you have to have below iTunes version 11.5 for it to work

  19. I was able to downgrade my iPhone 4 from iOS 10 to iOS 10.3 with saved SHSH Blobs, Is there a way to downgrade iPhone 4 from iOS 10 to iOS 9.04 with SHSH Blobs saved?

  20. guys don’t bother trying this it does not work! If anyone actually knows a way to downgrade i would like to know.

    iPhone 5
    iOS 10

  21. I have iOS 10.1 and am unable to download any form of jailbreak because of this. How can I downgrade or uninstall 10.1 to an earlier update like 10 or 10?

  22. huh, I did downgrade iOS 10 to iOS 10 successfully
    thanks for the tutorial that you have linked above
    I have one doubt, actually, I wanna know that can I now jailbreak iOS 10
    I’ve iPhone 5S iOS 10 Now

  23. I have a i4S iOS 10.1 and I want to get to iOS 10. I understand the current iOS is 10.1 or 10.2??? And Apple is got into the practice of no longer signing off on non-current iOS cert’s. So can I get to iOS 10 from 6.1.1. iOS without passing the semi tethered non-jailbreakable 10.1??? If so please help so my i4S and i5 will be at same iOS

    • I couldn’t understand your issue, do you wanna downgrade iOS 10 or just wanna restore iOS 10 without losing jailbreak
      Suppose, if you have concern about restoring, I would recommend you to use semi restore iOS 9

      • I want to upgrade to the lowest form of iOS 9 that I can from iOS 10.1. But the phone is already jailbroken I just can’t access all of the features that are available in iOS 9 airdrop etc.. etc… And I don’t want to jump from jailbroken iOS 10.1. To a un-jailbroken iOS 10. So upgrade from iOS 10.1 to iOS 10. I tried to use “redsn0w 0.105b3 Pwnage tool” to load the custom IPSW but didn’t work and I can’t find the right software tool to manually set custom IPSW….

      • He currently has iOS 10.1 but wants to only upgrade it to 10, instead of 10.1. Seriously, how was that hard for you to understand? Are you stupid or something?

  24. Hey Bros I have an Ipad mini on version 10 and there is an update for Ios 10 Should I Restore my Ipad Mini or just take the risk

  25. I swear, people are stupid. YOU CANT DOWNGRADE IOS 10! There is a change in kernel code which doesnt allow the process of downgrading, even with SHSH. You need to wait for a developer like iH8sn0w or winocm to make a tool to do that. Until then, you are stuck. If you want to restore on 7.0-10, then use CoolStars SemiRestore to restore.

  26. how downgrade iOS 10 back to 10? Of course I saved my blobs.. I upgraded the night before release when it was stated by all that Evaisi0n would work. Most downgrade videos seem to be outdated & Im having trouble. Im sure I’m not the only one, since they announced it would work.

  27. Hi guys, I’m trying to figure this out and tried almost everything.

    Ipad air wifi on 10… is it possible to downgrade it?

    • You cant send SHSH blobs. Everyones SHSH blobs are different for each device. Someone elses SHSH blobs wont work for you.

  28. I actually found a very easy way to downgrade your software.You can just go into iTunes with your device, hold the “shift” key and click restore. Then you can choose an IPSW file and your device will downgrade. You can download the ISPW files at this site:

  29. i tried downgrading iphoone ios10 to 10 with itunes but it wont confirm it with apple. i dont have an apple id account because i didnt get the phone from any apple stores, what do i do?

  30. You can downgrade by restoring your phone to a downloaded version of any update of your choosing. Go to the apple website and it’ll give you the download to any update you want. Then from there you restore your phone with a back up you’ve made, Then comes the jailbreak. Hope this somewhat helps.

    • iPhone 4 users have confirmed this, as far as iPhone 5S, iPad Air, iPad mini and iPod Touch 5G is concern, there is no confirmations about successful downgrade

  31. Hello. I want to jailbreak my iPad mini I just bought, but the problem is. I bought it with the ios10 update already on the device.. Is there anyway I can downgrade to lower version so I can jailbreak.. Somebody please helpme thanks,

  32. I am on 10 OTA on Iphone 5. Am I able to do the 10 update via iTunes then downgrade to the 10 or 10 via iTunes? If I do this will it then allow me to jailbreak or will I still have issues?
    If this is possible do you have a link or know where to download a valid working ipsw to do this. As I have attempted to get a few with no luck getting a working/valid file.

    • I would recommend not to upgrade to iOS 10, if you don’t wanna loss your jailbreak
      none of iOS 10 ipsw will help you, because iOS 9 sign window has been closed by Apple

      • SInce you’ve got an updated ios version, I hoped you backed up your data and have done a full “factory reset” as an alternative to an itunes restoration. As this will guarantee the same effects to an itunes restoration, therefore you’re idevice will be compatible to an evasi0n 9 jailbreak. Since apple does not sign older firmwares anymore.

    • it is being said that Evad3rs are not going to release jailbreak iOS 10 and they will look for iOS 9 jailbreak iPad air, iPad mini, iPhone

  33. You can’t install Cydia when your device is in Soft DFU Mode. Soft DFU Mode is an extremely stripped down version of Recovery Mode where the device says it’s in DFU Mode but the iBoot agent is running, preventing access to the real DFU Mode (a common target for bypassing restrictions) and instead running its own Recovery Mode where restoring the device with the latest stock firmware, but not downgrading or installing custom firmware, is allowed.

  34. I have Fixed error 37 🙂 Step 1 : use ireb 9 Step 2: Delete all apple entry in host file Step 3: Shift + Click Restore Step 4 : USE 4.1 Original ipws File Have Fun Hope it will helpful to Some one 🙂

  35. Error 37 means iBoot, a core part of iOS (although not a registered trademark to name only that), was not successfully installed, and it is a top-priority error whether the rest of iOS was successfully installed or not. A device in an Error 37 loop will only boot tethered, not normally, so the best thing to try is perform some kind of “tethered boot”, fetch the firmware from, click the iTunes update button while holding the Option key (or Shift key), and force an update operation.

  36. I’m getting iTunes error 37, what is this error 37?
    This is a message to apple especially the iPhone crew umm i didn’t know one would be seeing this comment because you’d be out restoring your iphone i’d be out restoring my iphone BUT NO ONES FUCKING RESTORING MY IPHONE! i stood in line in the freaking apple store! I can barley stand up! Ok now i got it loading and its ERROR 37! shouldnt this be error 31! Error number i cant log the fucking in!

  37. I have 10 software on my iPad mini , and 10 software now is available right now , so should I restore my iPad before jail breaking or I can jailbreak it without anything ?

    • No do not restore or update the device if you wish to Jailbreak now that Apple have released 10 Jailbreak the device on 10 as you are.

  38. Helped me jailbreak my iPad air and it’s great! Do have one question though. I might have waiting too long, but I have a iPhone 5S and the OS was updated OTA. Can I backup, restore in iTunes, then setup as new and do a successful jailbreak for ios 10? Will iTunes force me to upgrade to 10 when I do a restore?

    • Unfortunately for the iPhone that was updated OTA there is no way to get it on a fresh restore to 10 via iTunes as apple no longer sign it. I will update everyone when a 10 Jailbreak tool becomes available.

  39. you know when i click jailbreak its dowloading right? after its asking me to go in my phone and open evasion7. after some min its just turns off. evasion7 icon on my computer just disappears and nothing happening. i still have that not finished evasion7 app on my iphone 5 what to do?

    • Unfortunately you can’t downgrade from 10 back to 10 as apple no longer sign it. I will update everyone with a video when a compatible 10 tool becomes available.

      • Yes also be mindful that Apple have just released iOS 10 so if you wish to update to 10 you will need to download it and manually restore to it via iTunes.

  40. Correct the TaiG7 Jailbreak tool supports all devices running iOS 9 through to 10 after the Jailbreak is complete all the data will remain on the device and all functions work as normal.

  41. I tried to do jailbreak my iPad Mini 2 ios 10 and the evasi0n7 process would get to the modifying part and just disappear. What do I do?

  42. i can’t jailbreak it i’m on iphone 5s on version 10 i don’t get it? its the latest version and it says its not supported what someone help

    I wanna jailbreak iOS 10

  43. so I can’t jailbreak iOS 10 my phone now? I read the directions and reset it on iTunes, and it made me update it. do you know when they will be a Jailbreak for iOS 10?

      • This error is most commonly caused by the iOS on the device being installed OTA from the device rather than iTunes. Reboot the device and the computer make sure you have the latest version on TaiG7 from the link connect the device via a different USB port and try again.

  44. When I try to jailbreak my iPad Air, evasi0n 9 1.0.7 does everything normal until it puts the evasi0n icon on my phone. When it says to open the icon, I do that and it restarts my iPad. But when I unlock it, the evasi0n icon is still there and the evasi0n 9 1.0.7 program closes. Please Help!

    • This error is most commonly caused by the iOS on the device being installed OTA from the device rather than iTunes. Reboot the device and the computer make sure you have the latest version on TaiG7 from the link connect the device via a different USB port and try again.

  45. Bro , Mine Just does not work .
    I Use an Iphone 5s running 10, but after I opened evasion and connected my iphone , evasion says that ” This Version of IOS (11D167) Is not supported , what should I do?

  46. I have a iPhone 5S IOS 10 and I downloaded a version of this and after it had said it was finished jailbreaking my iPhone rebooted and then the icon still said evasi0n 9 and the icon picture was still the same, for some reason it will not change over to Cydia I have done the jailbreak twice now and its still not working, please help me out

    • This error is most commonly caused by the iOS on the device being installed OTA from the device rather than iTunes. Reboot the device and the computer make sure you have the latest version on TaiG7 from the link connect the device via a different USB port and try again.

  47. iOS via OTA (Over the air) and iTunes are in small part different this can cause issues now that Apple no longer sign 10 it’s worth a try but for 100% success rate the iOS on the device needs to be updated or restored via iTunes.

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