How to Get In App Purchases free using Cydia

Free in app purchases Cydia…

You may also in hunt of answer regarding above question and came here in empty hands. Don’t worry, we’d try our best to solve your puzzle with several Cydia tweaks.

If you wanna get in app purchases for free, you can easily install Cydia apps and do that, but it depends on circumstances such as which tweak you’re using and which in app purchase you wanna get for free!

Free In-App Purchases Cydia does nothing but it would allow you to install some jailbreak tweaks that would gonna attempt every single possibility to make in app purchase free for you. So, do you wanna get free in app purchases using Cydia? Okay then, read the article very closely.

As we said, there are couple of jailbreak apps exists that can make free in app purchases with the help of Cydia. To do that you must understand whole thing, how in app purchases work and how various tweaks work to make compatible in app purchases completely free for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

What is In App Purchases?

Mac developer company started developing apps and games that have in app purchases. You can say that these are just like addons or power nap. Using these in app purchases, you can extend features or functions of the app.

There are many different apps and tweaks have been developed to make free in app purchases. For Android, you can install Lucky Patcher while for iOS, you can consider iAPFree, iAPCrazy or Localiapstore.

 Free In App Purchases Cydia tweaks

So, we should move to the section where we’d show you some incredible iPhone apps that can make your in app purchases completely free.


If you’re searching most updated and working solution for free in app purchases, you can head to install LocaliAPStore. Its one that you can really consider to get in app purchases for free. LocaliAPStore Cydia tweak isn’t any hack, but it can really convert your paid in app purchases into free.

iAP Cracker

This Cydia app was the best since iOS 8, but since couple of new updates after iOS 8 iAP Cracker isn’t updated. However, if you’ve updated version of AppSync, then you can surely try iAP Cracker as well.


The name shows the intention of the Cydia hack. iAPFree iOS tweak is developed to make your in app purchases free. Its better than Lucky Patcher or any other tweaks available on jailbreak store.


If you’re using Android device or smartphone, you can use Lucky Patcher on your smartphone because its one of the best Android app for free in app purchases.

Note: Personally, we didn’t try any of these apps or tweaks on our smartphone. This tutorial or article is solely for educational purpose and doesn’t have any intention to harm your device or your mood. Please read the article and if you want to know more about anything regarding in app purchases, Cydia tweaks or Lucky Patcher, you can comment below.