Install AppSync iOS 10: AppSync Unified Without Jailbreak for iPhone, iPad [Working]

How to Download AppSync Unified iOS 10 Without Jailbreak

Many users use AppSync in installing unsigned apps after jailbreaking, but very few users know that it helps installing or testing apps for developers.

Yeah, AppSync Unified is in great demand for developers who install unsigned apps to develop or improve the features. These developers may use AppSync Unified without jailbreak.

Previously, AppSync not working without jailbreak, but recently, we’ve discover the way using which you can install AppSync iOS 10 without jailbreak.

But, it’s better to jailbreak and download AppSync from official Cydia repo source rather than trying long process to get AppSync download options without jailbreak. So, if you’ve jailbroken firmware or you can jailbreak iOS 10, you should download AppSync Unified Cydia tweak after jailbreak your device.

How to Download AppSync Unified Cydia Tweak

Below is the tutorial that would show you have to complete whole process to install AppSync without any issue.

It’s always to try official Cydia sources rather than pirate one. So, I’m gonna show you the best method that one can try after jailbreaking iOS 10. Follow below steps…

1. First of all, you need to jailbreak iOS 10. There may have TaiG iOS 10 or PanGu iOS 10 jailbreak. You can try one of them as your convenient. Any of these jailbreak untethered tool would easily install Cydia which is most important installer to download AppSync on any jailbroken device.

2. When you successfully completed above step, there would be Cydia installer on your springboard, open it and add below AppSync repo source from where we’d download AppSync Unified iPhone app.

3. Add

4. Above Cydia source is default repo source for AppSync Unified. You just need to add to Cydia installer at any way and you can enjoy AppSync download then.

5. Don’t forget to reboot your iPhone or iPad device after installing AppSync for once otherwise AppSync won’t work on your device.

How to Install AppSync Without Jailbreak

You’ve seen a way to install AppSync after jailbreaking your device and how can we actually get hands on this great app, but what to do if you wanna install official AppSync without jailbreak? Look, there are certain ways to do that.

1. OpenAppMkt: If you’ve iOS 10 and still wanna download AppSync using Cydia without jailbreaking iOS 10, you’ve OpenAppMkt without jailbreak. You can try your hands on Open App Mkt installer.

The installer would download Cydia and install without jailbreak. OpenAppMkt Market app is free installer.

2. iNoCydia: This is alternative to OpenAppMkt and can download AppSync without jailbreak after installing Cydia iOS 10.

So, there are two options available for you to install your favorite AppSync Unified app from official way.

If you’ve anything confusing during installing or downloading these apps, you can leave comments and share what’s going on your way…

One thought on “Install AppSync iOS 10: AppSync Unified Without Jailbreak for iPhone, iPad [Working]

  1. Troubleshooting:

    1. How to fix AppSync not working?
    Ans: Look, in any case if AppSync not working on your device, you can reinstall it. Updating to latest version is also great option if there is newer version available to update.
    Try to look the most current version before installing any app.

    2. AppSync Unified repo is not showing me any app!
    Ans: It may possible that AppSync repo is not updated or there is no app available for your firmware. The best option is jailbreak iOS 10 and then try to search Appsync on Cydia installer.

    3. AppSync not opening!
    Ans: You don’t need to open any settings or app related to AppSync on your device. This app just changes couple of settings and removes some restrictions from your iPhone or iPad. That’s it.
    It doesn’t comes with any settings at all.


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