How to Install and Use LocaliAPStore iOS 11.1.2 to Get Free In app Purchases

LocaliAPStore really works even in iOS 11.1.2, if you have jailbroken your iPhone, iPad Air or iPad Mini. It can be used to install free in-app purchases through app store…

Thousands of users jailbreak their iOS device just because they wanna install paid in-app purchases for free. There are many jailbreak apps do this easily. But the best are iAP Cracker, iAPFree and LocaliAPStore.

LocaliAPStore is the app that is most successful to install in-app purchases. I’m talking about it totally based on reviews and genuine reviews and comments. Large number of users have reported that Local iAP Store smoothly works on iOS 11.1.2 and can handle in-app purchases very easily rather I would say, its better than iAP Cracker and iAPFree.

What is LocaliAPStore and How to Use it

Apple app store divided into two section paid apps and free apps. Anyone can install free applications without an issue, if you have Apple ID. However, to install paid applications, you need to purchase it. Those apps are not so costly and anyone can purchase it easily, however, many users out there who wanna try before actual purchase. And, because of there might be no trial version for particular app, those users use LocaliAPStore, iAP Cracker and iAP Free type applications.

iOS 11.1.2 LocaliAPStore actually redirect purchase page to installation page and so, you don’t need to pay anything. Once you have tried it, if you like, you can purchase it. This is the concept on which most of the app developers work on these kind of applications.

How to install Local iAP Store on iOS 11.1.2

1There two ways, you can get this jailbreak app on your iDevice. First, simply launch Cydia and tap on Search button directly. And, search “LocaliAPFree iOS 11.1.2”. Install latest version. Done

2 In this trick you have to add the repo source and search this Cydia app on that repo. Just do this…

  1. Launch Cydia app
  2. Tap on “Manage”
  3. Now tap on “Sources”, then “Edit” and then “Add”.
  4. Add below given repo source and once the repo is installed, search “iOS 11.1.2 LocaliAPStore” and install latest version
  5. Done

Note: Once it is installed on your iDevice, you are now ready to install those in app purchases. Just go for it.


Suppose, LocaliAPFree doesn’t work on your app, try iAPFree or iAP Cracker for that particular application.

Don’t forget to report applications that work with Local iAP Store. Have a nice app…