How to Install and Use LocaliAPStore iOS 10 to Get Free In app Purchases

LocaliAPStore really works even in iOS 10, if you have jailbroken your iPhone, iPad Air or iPad Mini. It can be used to install free in-app purchases through app store…

Thousands of users jailbreak their iOS device just because they wanna install paid in-app purchases for free. There are many jailbreak apps do this easily. But the best are iAP Cracker, iAPFree and LocaliAPStore.

LocaliAPStore is the app that is most successful to install in-app purchases. I’m talking about it totally based on reviews and genuine reviews and comments. Large number of users have reported that Local iAP Store smoothly works on iOS 10 and can handle in-app purchases very easily rather I would say, its better than iAP Cracker and iAPFree.

What is LocaliAPStore and How to Use it

Apple app store divided into two section paid apps and free apps. Anyone can install free applications without an issue, if you have Apple ID. However, to install paid applications, you need to purchase it. Those apps are not so costly and anyone can purchase it easily, however, many users out there who wanna try before actual purchase. And, because of there might be no trial version for particular app, those users use LocaliAPStore, iAP Cracker and iAP Free type applications.

iOS 10 LocaliAPStore actually redirect purchase page to installation page and so, you don’t need to pay anything. Once you have tried it, if you like, you can purchase it. This is the concept on which most of the app developers work on these kind of applications.

How to install Local iAP Store on iOS 10

1There two ways, you can get this jailbreak app on your iDevice. First, simply launch Cydia and tap on Search button directly. And, search “LocaliAPFree iOS 10”. Install latest version. Done

2 In this trick you have to add the repo source and search this Cydia app on that repo. Just do this…

  1. Launch Cydia app
  2. Tap on “Manage”
  3. Now tap on “Sources”, then “Edit” and then “Add”.
  4. Add below given repo source and once the repo is installed, search “iOS 10 LocaliAPStore” and install latest version
  5. Done

Note: Once it is installed on your iDevice, you are now ready to install those in app purchases. Just go for it.


Suppose, LocaliAPFree doesn’t work on your app, try iAPFree or iAP Cracker for that particular application.

Don’t forget to report applications that work with Local iAP Store. Have a nice app…

256 thoughts on “How to Install and Use LocaliAPStore iOS 10 to Get Free In app Purchases

  1. ***Update To My Previous Comment****also the list is for IAP Cracker, but local IAP store is newer then cracker so all these apps work for the Local Store.I’ve tried majority on the list

  2. Works for me on my jailbroken ipad mini 2 retina (10.2).Most of the games app can work with LocaliApStore. Thank you!

  3. doesnt work on any apps to get more followers or likes for instagram. (iPhone 4S on iOS 10.1 with jailbreak) please help me omg ????????????

  4. Does it work for Marvel Champions? Like for me in the game it says “Transaction Complete” but doesn’t give me the stuff

  5. before you guys go around complaining just know that server sided games will not work with any of the IAP maps listed above there is no way of making it happen so just be content with what you have (;=3 le chef hat for good measure

  6. It dosen’t work. Localiapstor just makes the app crash when I click the in app purchase button. And iAP Cracker just dosen’t make the in app purchases appear. I am ios 10.2 please help.

  7. Not all online held games work I know a few that work e.g Jurassic park builder and Dragons rise of berk these games tha hack works

  8. Not working for any App on ios 10.2 using local app store, using ipad air 2.
    it just closes the app after trying a purchase

  9. any game that is server based or requires a “check” by the system as to see if payment is provided will not work just as a heaqds up

    • Indeed, my Appstore auto update apps . After latest Candy crush update This week localiapstore isn’t working anymore. I had better turned off the auto Apps update in Appstore settings. Too late now. Maybe after a new localiapstore version? But I think the game now makes a connection with a server because loading time when you buy something is way longer then before. So maybe never again? ๐Ÿ™

  10. Ok its like this. Any Multiplayer game that requires real time game play won’t work with in-app purchases, om very sure tweats will n released in due time coz alot is waiting

  11. It works with most games I play but doesn’t work with any TCG games, MMO games, or any game that has leaderboards or is popularized

    • Any game thats held on a online server will NOT work on any hack EG..Clash of clans, Vain glory, Fifa 14,15 Or arcane legends those are just some examples.

  12. I have iPhone 5s iOS 8, tweak not working with Castlestorm, Angry Birds Racing, Assassins Creed Pirates, The Walking Dead, and Pixel Gun. It also worked for Honor Bound for a few purchases but now each time I try I get kicked out. It’s also not working for the new game Vain Glory

  13. Thanks a ton.. Works perfect for me for iOS 10 Pangu JB.. Tried in Subway Surf, Candy Crush, Temple Run 2 games… Kudos to you..

    • i just tried on racing rivals, sadly it does not work. but if you do install it and cancel the purchase it gives you a 30% extra bonus to that purchase if you want to buy it after

    • Those games are server-based. Localiapstore tricks the iPad(your end) into thinking you made the purchase. With a server-based game this will not work, because the server will sync and reset to the server information.

  14. Works on angry birds Star Wars subway surfers Kim kardashian game temple run scarface flick homerun flick field goal plague inc and many more

  15. for those of you who dont know. this doesnt work for any server-sided online games. with a few exceptions such as respawwnables,

  16. to install this it just install automatically if u put the repo or something u gotta find LocaliAPStore and thx to this tool i have so many gems in clash of clans

  17. Everytime I try to “purchase” something the app closes. Ive tried with different apps and they all do the same ipad 2

  18. Im pissed. The hack was working for Sims Free Play but since the update it has been saying Server Timed Out. I refuse to pay for LP’s they are ridiculously expensive. Please fix this bug.

  19. localiappstore does not work with most server sided apps (farmville / hay day / clash of clans etc) … those apps do a verification on purchases on the servers rather then the client (device) so local hacks (checks on the device being patched) are ignored

    • lmfao. you’ve got to be kidding right? you’re that desperate to get “likes” on instagram that you had to hack your phone? grow up.

      • I just found that out supposedly with an app that u have to buy coins w.e and my friends are def using it because its weird like c’mon they have 1.3k followers and get like 500 likes per pic and my other friend has 4k followers and like 1,000 likes per pic and someone with 6k only gets 280-350 -.-

      • 1. Not desperate for likes i get my own without this.

        2. “White girl” is this some type of racism ? Because ive seen ppl “not white” using this.

        3. Just mind ur own business if u dont have nothing to say, thanks !

        • and I quote “lol’d desperate white girl for lies”

          LMAO pretty sure you ARE desperate for likes idiot, or else you would not have been asking such a stupid question. Stop lying to yourself and others.

  20. Go to Settings > (scroll down) > Choose “LocallAPStore” > make sure you have turned on “ENABLE” > voila > magic happens when you are using it in NON APPLE SERVER BASED APPLICATIONS (online games doesn’t work, and games based on GAME CENTER) > when iTunes box pop up just press cancel > magic happen VOILA ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. Guys this works (even on 10.2)
    You just have to enable it: go to Settings > LocalIAPStore > then press Enable
    When the iTunes login box pops up press cancel
    then magic happens

  22. does work with certain apps. like that virus game , temple run 2 , and some driving games … the trick with localiap is that the game must be offline, [does not save via the internet] games like the simpsons tapped out will not work , roller coaster tycoon 4 will not work . spongebob moves in will not work as all . your welcome
    – i also recommend you try Tongbu. paid apps from the app store for free .

  23. Works on :
    Temple Run 2
    Clumsy Ninja
    Banana Kong
    Dead Trigger
    Only One
    Mr Flap
    Smash It

    But Candy Crush, Rayman Run, Sonic Dash, Deer Hunter, Gunner Z, Dead Trigger 2 -> doesn’t work.

  24. What happens is that the local app store purchaser literally is a local appstore purchaser. It tricks your device into thinking that you actually bought money when you didn’t. However, when trying to buy gems or whatever from certain games, the game itself sends data to its server that sends to the REAL app store to see if you really bought the item. That’s why some of these games (mainly the online only ones) give nothing with this Cydia tweak. I’m pretty bummed out about it too.

    I simply need game list of best games

  25. Great!
    It works like a charm, I’ve iPad Air and I have installed App sync iOS 9 and this incredible cydia tweak. I just wanna know the best localiapstore list of games
    The best game list that work with local iap store iOS 9
    I tried couple of games and got free in-app purchases, I wanna clash of clan, candy crush now
    please somebody help me

  26. Need help pls! I wanted to install localiapstore but it says “d requested modifications cant be applied due to required dependencies or conflicts that cant b automatically found or fixed” do i need to uninstall or install anything else?

    • dear poof,

      i read somewhere that it bypass buy page from in app purchases and redirect iOS user directly on installation page.

      However, local iap store iOS 9 can be installed only on jailbroken idevice with app sync working version.

      your iPad air runs on iOS 10 beta 3, I’m sure, its unjailbreakable. you need to downgrade to 10 in order to jailbreak it to install this app

      i hope now your doubts are cleared

    • must be jailbroken first. (of course) go to cydia>sources>edit>add source then add the source above to cydia
      then click search > type “local” > you will see localiapp , click install and let it install, then [restart springboard]..
      after springboard is restarted, go to settings , look for localiapp , then click [enabled] …
      then it will work

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