CCQuick Pro, iProtect, CCSettings, Unlockr, IntelliID, CallController

Today, IntelliID, CCSettings, iProtect, Unlockr, CallController and CCQuick Pro were out for iOS 11.1.2. Power up your iPhone, iPad Air, Mini with these jailbreak apps…

No doubt, today, there were the best system apps were released. Unlockr, iProtect, IntelliID, CCQuick Pro and CallController are the best system apps that power up your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

I have tested a few of these tweaks on my iPhone 5S and iPad Air. The experience was amazing and it forced me to post a detailed review about them. I personally love Unlockr, iProtect and IntelliID, but we should use all of them together. The reason is, they are the same tweaks in different features and consumes large part of iDevice battery. And, you know the battery issues with iOS 11.1.2.

CCQuick Pro: It worth $2.99 and can be installed from BigBoss repo source. It offers great features and adds gestures and toggles to the Control center. Like Status bar gesture, swipe right to lock the screen, swipe left to go to the home and much more.

Unlockr: I believe in change. Unlockr offers a unique unlocking feature. It completely replaces “Slide to Unlock” feature. You can tap multiple times on the screen to unlock your iDevice. All the useful app has their own price, one can buy Unlockr iOS 11.1.2 version for $1.99 from BigBoss repository.

IntelliID: It fetches the name from the calling database and display it in place of just caller id. It helps us to detect who is calling you. However, this might be costly for you, because 250 look ups cost you $9.99 and 500 look ups cost you $17.99

It has free trial for two look ups. IntelliID can be installed from ModMyi repository.

iProtect: It is hosted under BigBoss. iProtect is the best tweak for them who wanna control their iOS 11.1.2 iDevice by locking applications. iProtect allows user to lock their apps using either Sim control, password or Touch ID. The price is also same as it’s quality features. One can buy iProtect from BigBoss at $8.99

CCSettings: Do you use ControlCenter shortcuts and toggles? CCSettings adds more toggles to the control center. Its 100% free tweak that is really useful for any iOS 11.1.2 device.

CallCounter: Its something like call assistant. CallCounter blocks unwanted calls and sends SMS. User can configure each and every part of the tweak. User can configure automated answer call and much more.

Quick Note

CCSettings is free and offers the same features as CCQuick Pro. Unlockr offers the same features as iProtect, so, you can use Unlockr that does cost you $1.99.