The Best Cydia Tweaks for Lock Screen for iPhone, iPad

Top Lock Screen Cydia Tweaks for iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPhone and iPod Touch.

After jailbreaking the first thing the jailbreaker would do is updating look of iPhone or iPad such as lock screen, status bar, iPhone dock and control center. Apple has created a simple iPhone lock screen. The same thing happens to iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad Mini too.

Actually, it’s okay on iPhone, but if you’ve iPad Pro, iPad Mini or iPad Air, it’s really embarrassing to have clean lock screen on large iPad screen. So, if you’ve jailbroken your iPhone or iPad, you’d wanna customize lock screen first. Cydia tweaks are the main tools to decorate iPad lockscreen.

There are few Cydia tweaks available on AppStore that allow user to add apps, widgets to lockscreen without any issue. Today, I’d cover couple of those LockScreen Cydia tweaks for you that you can try on your iPhone or iPad.

Springtomize: This tweak is not dedicated to lock screen and it has many options to customize control center, lock screen, notification center and status bar. You can customize iPhone icons, status bar, folders and page animations too. So, without installing many Cydia apps, you can download Springtomize and customize all the elements from your iPhone including LockScreen.

BerryC8: So, if you don’t wanna install Springtomize iOS 11.1.2, you can go for BerryC9 or previous version BerryC8 which is compatible for older devices. You can check the updated version for newer firmware. This is one of the best lockscreen Cydia tweak for iPad and iPhone.

No doubt, you can go for this tweak. It’s free and available on BigBoss Cydia repo. And, compatible for iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPod Touch and iPhone.

LockGlyph: This is wonderful lockscreen customization Cydia tweak. I’ve never seen such beautiful tweak for latest generation iDevices specially for iPhone 6S and iPad Pro that have Touch ID feature. Yeah, LockGlyph Cydia tweak works only on Touch ID enabled iPad or iPhone models. LockGlyph tweak is free and such other Cydia apps, LockGlyph is also available on BigBoss jailbreak repo source.

LockScreenTool: This lock screen Cydia tweak allows user to customize Slide to Unlock. LockScreenTool Cydia tweak allows you to replace Slide to Unlock text with your own name or text that you want.

LockScreenTool iOS 11.1.2 works perfectly on iPad and iPhone and available on BigBoss repo for free.

AndriOS: This Cydia tweak is inspired by Android operating system and adds couple useful and beautiful lock screen widgets and features to your iPhone and iPad.

AndriOS is not a free Cydia tweak but at the same time AndriOS offers some cool features. So, check it out on BigBoss repo for price and features list.

If you love any other lock screen Cydia tweak that you’ve installed on your iPhone or iPad, please share it with us via comments…