How to Get Free In App Purchases Cydia Tweaks iOS 10

Free in purchases using Cydia tweaks for iPhone…

I just love free in app purchases. I always search the Apple App Store for some apps that give me free in app purchases even thought they’re completely different from my interest.

It’s my craziness. Anyway, there are certain top level iPhone apps available which allows user to install free in app purchases, but in deep stage, you need to purchase them by paying some money.

In other hand, jailbreak users have found a way that give them free in app purchases which are paid on App Store. This can be down using some Cydia hacks which are available for free on jailbreak app store.

iAP Cracker: It’s Cydia tweak which is known as in app purchase cracker. If you’d install it with AppSync, you can install free in app purchases. But, it seems like iAPCracker stopped working because there is no update to jailbreak and Cydia hacks.

Recent days, AppVV released vShare Pro which is built with unique style which allows user to install paid apps with free in app purchases completely free.

Mojo Installer is also similar kind app launcher which installs free Cydia apps without jailbreak. But, it’s not clear that we can get free in app purchases or not using Mojo.

But yeah, you can use LocaliAPStore which is famous in app purchase cracker and contains proof to have ability to install free in app purchases.

If you need any specially game free in app purchases, please leave comments so that we can help you suggesting the best app according to your need…

Download GBA4iOS: iPhone Game Boy Advance Emulator for iPad too on iOS 10

GBA4iOS iOS 10: The Game Boy Advance Emulator for iPad, iPhone

I’m feeling wonder that some jailbreak apps have really started to play on iPhone and iPad without Cydia. Yeah, I’m talking about GBA4iOS which is known as Game Boy Advance Emulator.

GBA iPhone emulator is one of the best game emulator in terms of Roms and availability for every firmware. Now when we’ve iOS 10 and iOS 10 is really near to be release, this is really good news.

NDS4iOS, GBA4iOS and some other emulator specially Emu4iOS is really a great hope for the users who are eagerly waiting for the upcoming iOS 10 jailbreak because their hope should be live.

Anyway, Game Boy Advance iPhone emulator has some cool Roms and we should enjoy it. We’ve another great news. You won’t need to apply any Date trick in order to try GBA4iOS on your iOS 10 device or jailbreak iOS 10.

Yeah, a new Jailbreak alternative came in whole community which is known as Mojo Installer. It’s capable to install any jailbreak app without Cydia. And luckily, GBA4iOS is one of those lucky apps.

How to Download GBA4iOS iOS 10

So, I mentioned about Mojo Installer iOS 10 and it’s the app which can allow you to install your favorite game emulator on your iPhone or iPad. But, I won’t depress Android users, Android user can download GBA4iOS from Google Play Store.

Follow some really excited steps that you’d never found anywhere else…

  1. You need first to download Mojo iOS 10 installer. Their official website is live which can be helpful to install GBA4iOS without jailbreak. Head to it.
  2. Now, when the page completely loaded up, you need to register yourself on Mojo Installer website. And, download GBA4iOS for free.
  3. Install it and you must restart your iPad or iPhone before playing.

Note: Roms are completely different things and it requires to install separately and you won’t get GBA4iOS Roms from the same Mojo Installer.

If you need help, you can ask us via comments…

How to Download Provenance Emulator iOS 10 Without Jailbreak

How to Download and Install Provenance Emulator without Jailbreak on iPhone, iPad and Android…

In recent days, it’s really tough to predict jailbreak and if there is any release of the untethered tool, it’s real jackpot for Cydia users. You can expect any jailbreak app on iPhone or iPad.

Provenance Emulator was being used to install on iPhone using Cydia but the days have been changed and one can not download Provenance with Cydia.

Fortunately, there are couple of alternatives ways came for the iPhone and iPad users that can be used to download Provenance Emulator on iOS 10 without jailbreak.

If you’re one of crazy iPhone game lovers, then you may know GBA4iOS, SEGA, SNES and NDS4iOS games. Gameboy Advance emulator for iPhone is the best choice for everyone. Provenance multi emulator brings all these game emulator to iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone without jailbreak iOS 10.

If you love NDS4iOS without any date trick to install, I’d recommend iEmulator rather than Provenance Emulator. IEmulator also allows user to install NDS, GBA and PSP game emulator without jailbreak and these game emulators can be downloaded directly to your iPhone or iPad without jailbreak.

Download Provenance Emulator Without Jailbreak

There are still some apps available on the web that brings Cydia experience without jailbreak and iNoCydia is one of them. You can use iNoJB or OpenAppMKT also, but iNoCydia is recommended. The trick works on iOS 10 and it has been tested successfully.

  1. iNoCydia installer is must have in this case, just go to iNoJB or iNoCydia website and add the web app to the iPhone or iPad screen on which you’re going to install Provenance Emulator.
  2. Now, open the app and add Unlimapps repo source. Once you done that reload the page and press search button on the app.
  3. Now, type Provenance and choose Provenance Emulator for your iOS device.
  4. Install it and reboot your iPhone.

That’s everything done. Now, you can open Provenance Emulator and play whatever game you want. If you fount any difficulty or issue, you can comment here and explain whole error page with screenshot.

This trick works without jailbreak, but needed iNoCydia, so before downloading Provenance Emulator, you need to install iNOCydia.

New Apple iPhone 7 Clone Appeared in China, Features, Price in USA + UK

New iPhone 7 Plus Clone and Apple iPhone 7 Clone are on sell in China

Yeah, it’s true that iPhone 7 Clone is already out there in China, but yet to release in UK and USA + Canada. Other country users can import iPhone 7 from China via DHL or Fedex shipping method.

It’s little bit surprising because Apple hasn’t release iPhone 7 yet and there isn’t any official leak about iPhone7 design, look and features. However, it’s final that new iPhone 7 is coming this year in September or October, 2016.

And if you can’t wait for original iPhone 7 Plus and other variant such as iPhone 7SE or iPhone 7 4.7″ model then you can order it from China which is really cheap in price but looks great in terms of design and first look.

New iPhone 7 Clone price in China is different each store. Normally starts from $99 to $250 per peace. But, the shipping charge would be extra which can be nearly about $9 to $45 per iPhone 7 Clone shipping from China to USA or China to UK. This shipping charge for iPhone7 is for DHL and Fedex and free shipping is also available which would deliver between 15 to 60 days.

The demand is really surprisingly high from all over the world and specially from India and China itself where original iPhone 7 price is quite high than price comparing to USA or UK because of Custom duty and other Custom taxes.

Right now, it’s hard to pick the best iPhone 7 replica because there are various names they’re using for their products these Goophone 7 can be available with the names such as…

I’ve personally seen Goophone 7 and iPhone 7 Clone with two models available. One is for 4.7″ size whereas other iPhone7 Plus clone is 5.5″ model. This is surprisingly, but it’s true and the look is really awesome so users are crazy about purchasing.

There are various models with different features and the iPhone 7 price depends on these features. iPhone 7 clone with Touch ID (Fingerprint scanner) model available at high price nearly about $200 to $250 whereas other models without Touch ID are available in cheap price.

But beware of scam sites and shops who shows fake iPhone 7 demo online and tell you to deposit iPhone7 price to their back account using Western Union and never ships iPhone 7 Clone. So, check out ratings, reviews and proper records before placing order on their sites. If possible, choose cash on delivery option if you’re in the same country.

Are you gonna buy iPhone 7 clone? Leave comments, ask questions and the link to one of the best iPhone 7 clone replica…

Download iEmulator: Run Major Cydia Apps without Jailbreak for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android

How to get iEmulator download without jailbreak for iPhone, iPad

It seems like Apple would never stop restricting apps, games and emulators to be install for iPhone or iPad. You can’t even run screen recorder or any torrent download or even many great apps such as iPhone game emulator.

To download all of these, you just need jailbreak. If you’ve one then you can do whatever you want using Cydia which is most popular jailbreak app store.

And, without jailbreak there are certain ways available by which you can still hands on game emulator, torrent download or even any app which is located on app store without jailbreak.

So today, we’re gonna learn how to do these things without jailbreak. You may have heard about iEmulator. This iEmulator is the way by which you can download your favorite games or apps without jailbreak.

Do you wanna download iEmulator without jailbreak? Okay, below is the short article about the iPhone emulator which is known as iEmulator and you can enjoy unlimited number or game emulators and apps or even Cydia hacks without jailbreak.

You won’t need any trick like Date or time and even you won’t need to purchase anything in order to download iEmulator on your iPhone or iPad.

You just need to follow some simple steps in order to install this app without jailbreak. And, believe me it’s too easy to hands of your favorite apps without Cydia or no jailbreak.

So, follow the steps…

  1. The first and very important step is enable download of untrusted apps which can be done using Settings app. Once you done that, you need to open Safari and go to the address below.
  2. You need to type iEmulator website address, in order to download and install this client on your iPhone or iPad. Without iEmulator, you can’t do anything.
  3. If iEmulator not working, use Safari or Google Chrome is okay. In some cases, iEmulator won’t install apps, you need to take screen shot of that screen and leave a comment to mention about it.
  4. Once you completed iEmulator installation, you can install any Cydia apps without jailbreak.

If you’ve any issues, you can leave a comment…