How to Play YouTube Videos Background on iOS 11.1.2

How to play your favorite YouTube video in the background on iPhone or iPad…

You can found huge number of users who listen YouTube videos just as songs and don’t wanna watch. Actually, they use YouTube videos as music songs and thus they don’t watch while drive car or working on their dashboard.

iPhone and iPad is really a handy device for playing YouTube videos in the background while working or driving car and you can consider one of the most customized operating system for iPhone and it’s iOS 11.1.2.

YouTube is officially out for iOS 11.1.2 for iPhone which has many great features such as offline download YouTube videos, scheduling for download favorite YouTube videos and many things which can be schedule for the app to download in the background.

Then how to play videos from YouTube in background running iOS 11.1.2 on iPhone or iPad without jailbreak or without Cydia tweaks? It’s really a great question because officially there isn’t any feature on Google YouTube app that offers background Video playing on iPhone.

Yeah, if you play YouTube videos using Safari browser online, you can play those videos in the background on your iPhone running any iOS whether it’s iOS 11.1.2 or previous firmware update.

How to Play YouTube videos in Background on iPhone for iOS 11.1.2

To use this simple trick, you must have iPhone or iPad running latest iOS 11.1.2 or iOS 9 firmware operating system and must use Safari web browser for best possible working trick.

  1. Swipe up your control center on iPhone and enable WiFi or Internet connection.
  2. Open Safari after connecting to working Internet connection and go to
  3. Now, you want to play YouTube video of you choice that you wanna play on background.
  4. The trick starts here, press Home Button which probably stops YouTube video playing on Safari.
  5. Swipe up again from bottom to middle of the screen to access control center and there would be option to continue playing that particular YouTube video in the background which is continue on Safari.
  6. Just tap on that YouTube video and it would be start playing in background on your iPhone or iPad.

Note: Don’t quit from Safari browser because if you’d close Safari app, the YouTube video which is playing in the background would be stopped.

We’ve tried Google Chrome and FireFox to play YouTube videos in background, but on these browsers YouTube videos won’t play in background. To get this trick working, you must use Safari web browser without making any mistake in above steps.

If you still having any issues while playing videos in background as YouTube songs, you can comment below…